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Personalizzati su di Te
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Gestione a 360° del profilo

Your content visible ever after

Is Pinterest the right fit for you and your business? If you are helping people solve everyday problems, teaching people how to do things, or inspiring them to get things done in a creative way, then: the answer is a resounding yes!/yes! 

You should be on Pinterest. Pinterest will help you to attract more and more people to you and/or your business.

I nostri servizi su Pinterest

1. Pinterest Consultation Call

Let’s talk for an hour to discuss everything related to your business and Pinterest.

  • You will never again say that you don’t understand Pinterest. After this call, you will get an idea of how it works and how it can help your brand or business.

  • We will carefully evaluate your Pinterest Profile and your Website to see how it fits into your Marketing Strategy, and how you can monetize it.

  • If you don’t have a Pinterest Profile yet, we can analyze your competitors to see your niche opportunities. 

This call is the very first step of our Pinterest Marketing Services. This hour-long call will help (and has helped) brands and businesses understand whether Pinterest is a suitable investment at the time.

It’s not a ready-to-apply plan or strategy; it’s the first approach to a plan and strategy.

Per chi è questa call di consulenza?

It’s perfect for business owners that are evaluating Pinterest and want to know if it’s the right platform for their company.

Starting at $250/hour (+VAT UE)

2. Pinterest Profile Setup or Update

We will setup or update your Pinterest profile.

  • It will be up to date with Pinterest’s latest Best Practices.

  • It will show your best work on your profile

  • In our skilled hands your Pinterest profile will always look its best: nice, tidy & unique.

  • Your or your business’ Pinterest profile will be optimized for its particular search engine

It includes:

  • Ottimizzazione del profilo
  • Ricerca Keyword
  • Creazione Bacheca
  • Grafiche dei Pin uniche
  • Guida all’ottimizzazione del sito web
  • Insights from Pinterest Trends

Who is this plan for?

Anyone who is trying to grow on the platform, either if you want to get started or you already have a profile.

Starting at $1800 (+VAT UE)

3. Ongoing Pinterest Management

We will take over your Pinterest Account.

  • You won’t need to worry about Pinterest anymore.

  • We will be pinning your content to your account

  • We will create original, captivating clickable images

  • We will drive traffic to your website every day

  • We offer image creation but you can create yours

  • We design and publish Idea Pins for you

It includes:

  • Pin Creation: Graphics, Videos and Idea Pins
  • Pubblicazione e programmazione dei Pin
  • Driving Traffic To Your Website
  • Trend Reports and Content Ideas

Who is this plan for?

For anyone who is looking to delegate the Pinterest content creation and management. It’s a hands-off service that fits small and large businesses.

Starting at $1400/month (IVA esclusa)

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