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Pinterest Creator Rewards: Monetize Your Content

Earn thousands and get paid directly from Pinterest with this new program! Everything you need to know about Pinterest Creators Rewards, the latest way to make more money on pinterest here, on this post.
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In this post we'll cover:

The Pinterest Creator Rewards beta program is no longer active. Pinterest decided to end the Creator Rewards beta program on November 30th, 2022. They offered a one-time bonus to creators who participated in the program in the previous three months (August, September and/or October). They announced they are adding links to Idea Pin! A feature we have been waiting for so long! So we will be able to monetize our idea pins driving traffic to our websites, how exciting is that?

What Is Pinterest Creator Rewards?

Do you know there’s a whole new way you can make money as a content creator on Pinterest? If you don’t know what we’re talking about yet, don’t worry,  we’ve got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about Pinterest Creator Rewards Program! 

This is the newest way to monetize your content on Pinterest. Yes, as you heard!  Pinterest is paying creators to create and share more inspiring content! 

How does it work? How can you join and benefit from this program? we’ll get into that in this post and we’ll show you some real numbers to let you know what you can expect of it. But, let us spoil something exciting: this is unlike anything we have seen before.

So, about Creator Rewards Pinterest says: 

“Creator Rewards is a program for creators to earn money for creating original Idea Pins in response to monthly reward goals created by Pinterest” 

Ok, what does this mean? Let’s break this down together…

Build Community And Get Paid for That!

So, Pinterest recently launched this new innovative program called Creator Rewards at the Pinterest’s 2021 Creators Festival. This program aims to promote inspiring content, encourage and support content creators who are the core of Pinterest after all, right?  

To entrepreneurs, content creators and bloggers monetization is a pretty regular concern that Pinterest apparently have heard loud and clear: Success is not only about getting more likes.

Pinterest claims to be the most positive place on the internet so what´s of value to them are the people behind the ideas they share with their community. This is what makes the difference and builds engagement and that is why the Creator Reward Program is exciting and wonderful news for those creators who want to grow their Pinterest community and build awareness at the same time they monetize their content.

How It Works

As we mentioned before, Pinterest cares about genuine actionable content so this program is all about community engagement.

Basically, Pinterest will publish editorial prompts on every creator’s hub with specific engagement goals to be reached such as getting a specific amount of reactions or saves on their Idea Pins so, as creators reach those goals, they’ll see on the next month a reward reflected on their bank accounts. 

As Pinterest confirmed, they’ll publish new goals each month as well as their instructions, requirements and payment amounts. This is how creators will get paid for their original inspiring ideas.

Yes, we know it sounds amazing and exciting!!

How Can I Join The Pinterest Creator Reward Program?

You may be thinking now “Ok, I’m in, let’s do this” and here’s the thing; not everyone can participate in the program just yet, in fact, to be eligible for the Creator Rewards program, you must have a Pinterest business account and meet the following criteria:

  • Use the Pinterest app on your mobile phone
  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must live in the US
  • You must have at least 250 followers
  • You must have created at least three Idea Pins in the last 30 days
  • You must have 150 saves in the last 30 days
Creator Rewards Program Eligibility Criteria

For now, the program is only available for some creators that Pinterest has already selected. Most important to join the program: you’ll need a Business Account, this program won’t be available for regular accounts but in case you don’t know what a Business Account is go check our post  Pinterest for Business after this post.

Also, before you apply, remember to update your Pinterest app to the latest version as the Rewards Program works through the most recent version of Pinterest. 

Lastly, make sure you are doing it from the app! Pinterest already alerted this program is only available on mobile devices so desktop creation just won’t work. Now, how can you apply? to find out if you are eligible you can follow the next instructions: 

  1. Log into your Pinterest business account (It must be done from the app on a mobile phone)
  2. Tap your profile picture
Pinterest Creator Hub
  1. Tap Creator Hub on your profile
Pinterest Creator Hub
  1. Tap Earn at the top of the screen (however, you may not see it, that’s because you haven’t been selected yet)
Pinterest Creator Hub
Pinterest Creator Hub

If you meet the eligibility criteria to apply you might be able to see to the Earn Tab on your Creator Hub but if you are not yet just keep in mind this program is still in beta which means it is still being tested on a small group of  creators and as far as we know Pinterest will be adding more and more participants on a roller basis so don’t lose hope and keep an eye on your hub! Back to the Rewards area…after you’ve been accepted you’ll have to link your bank account following these instructions for direct deposit.

You can click through the Welcome section to see some tips to start creating, then press “Get started” which should lead you to the Rewards area where you’ll be able to manage all the available reward goals. 

In order to participate in this program you’ll need to check out Pinterest’s latest editorial prompts published on your hub. There’ll be a list of goals to be achieved and you’ll participate by creating original Idea Pins in response to the goal. When you create your Idea pin pleeeease don’t forget to always make sure it meets the reward goal requirements to avoid throwing your time and effort away.

What Kind of Goals Should I Expect from The Pinterest Creators Rewards Program?

Well! Once you’ve done all that, you can now start creating and earning money with your Idea Pins! Pinterest is an inspirational platform and that’s why Pinterest Creator Rewards reward only original content and focus on organic engagement so if you’re all about creating Tik Toks and then repurposing them, that probably won’t be rewarded. 

Keep an eye on that and make sure the content you create always meets goals requirements! Think of new original and exclusive content to your Pinterest Account instead! Some of the prompts they offer will probably have something to do with creating processes, inspiration or new ideas. 

Here are some:

Passion projects: You may be asked to create idea pins where you can show your creating process to inspire other people. Imagine you are creating your dream greenhouse, showing how you build that new space would be a fantastic opportunity to use on this program!

Engagement goals: To get a certain amount of likes or saves on your idea pins

Lists: Create Idea Pins adding on the list details about the topic such as the ingredient list in case you’re sharing a new recipe. 

Things to Keep In Mind When Creating Content

As you can see, there is nothing too crazy about these prompts, nothing we have already seen or done before on Pinterest so don’t worry about flashy videos or the latest editing tricks but you’ll need to create video content in full frame, take care of visuals and background sounds. Just make sure it looks nice and appealing! but  the most important part is to create original content!

  1. This is monetizable content so don’t forget to take care of music and background sounds, you can not use copyrighted music so ensure that everything in your pins is material that you have created originally and you have the rights to distribute, you don’t have the rights for material that was created for another platform such as Instagram or Tik Tok. To avoid copyrights issues we recommend you to use the music in Pinterest’s native music library.
  2. Content can not be paid, sponsored, or promoted content and can’t be “manually boosted”
  3. This program is still in beta which means it is still being tested so there are few things that won’t work as fast as you think they should and your pins may take a little extra time to be approved but dont panic! is normal at the stage this program is right now, just be patient!
  4. Don’t forget to always pay attention to community guidelines 
  5. As we already mentioned, Creator Rewards is currently only available on mobile devices on the Pinterest app, versions 9.33 or higher.

How Much Can I Earn?

Well, this is a tricky one. It all depends and because this is being tested is still a program in process that can still suffer some changes but as far as we can tell, in March 2022 there was no limit on how much you could earn on engagement goals. Some goals have been paid up to 600! However, now there are some new limits and changes on the program terms and a creator could earn about 1850 by reaching all the available goals in June 2022. However, the great news here is you could actually get paid a thousand dollars for creating an idea pin, how amazing is that? 

May 2022 Update: 

Now payment is lower than it was in April. If you have a large account you can make a little more money (max around 2150) However, if you can’t get 100 saves, the earnings could be much lower.

Example: before you could earn about $600 for 30 saves, and unlimited pins. Now payment is set to $150 for 50 saves on 4 pins maximum.

There are also new requirements. Pinterest says your Idea Pins needs to be fresh new content.  So, you can’t use  content you have already pinned to Pinterest before. This means creating Idea Pins with old blog posts’ content wouldn’t work. We don’t know yet how strict they will go on this one yet.

We guess they are trying to get more users to the Rewards program and that’s the reason they reduced these amounts.

About content creators’ disagreements on these changes Pinterest answered:

“While the Creator Rewards program will be expanding, it is still in a testing stage, and we’re working hard to collect data and feedback on how we can continue to make this program a rewarding experience and earning opportunity.“

So while this program is still in beta further changes could be done. However, we will be updating this info as soon as we get more news!

Now, about payment it is fair to mention what Pinterest says: “You can get paid for posting Content on Pinterest in response to our reward goals. Not all users will qualify, and not all participants will get paid”  What does Pinterest mean by that? Well, just because you create an idea pin it doesn’t mean you’ll get paid for that. The total numbers of eligible submissions may be limited for each goal so there is no guarantee your content will get the necessary distribution to meet any particular goal.  But don’t get discouraged and keep trying to be the next to get paid!

Sums up, Pinterest is giving incentives to people for actually creating Idea Pins and you cannot miss this! Pinterest Creator Reward Program is a new exciting opportunity for creators to create new amazing pins and actually get paid in return and we think you should definitely try it. This program is  Pinterest saying “Hey, we know how much time and effort it takes to create and share your content” and that is an amazing improvement to the platform. Idea pins are extremely engaging and it certainly is the type of content people want to see right now. This is the best way to grow fast on your Pinterest Account right now so join as soon as you can to grow your business, we are sure this will help you reinforce your community as you earn money. We advise you not to miss this one, trust us, this is a great opportunity! 

Btw, if you are interested on other ways to monetize your Pinterest content you can read our recent post about LTK: learn how to make money on Pinterest

Now we shared with you what we know, we’d love to hear about your experience so don’t forget to comment down below if you  have already checked your creators hub and, in case you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

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