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Rich Pins: The ultimate 2022 guide

Everything you need to know about Pinterest Rich Pins by 2022 in this article. Learn how to get them and grow your business starting today!
María Luna Broilo

María Luna Broilo

In this post we'll cover:

So, are you wondering what type of pins you should create in order to increase awareness, drive more traffic, convert more sales and grow your Pinterest account?  Here’s the answer: Rich Pins, Rich Pins and more Rich Pins!  But, why are Rich Pins so relevant and useful? Why shouldn’t you hesitate on getting them as soon as you can? Well, Today’s post is aaaall about Rich Pins, why we think you absolutely should include them on your Pinterest Marketing Strategy to make your presence and numbers go up. So if you haven’t set up Rich Pins just yet you’re about to know why you simply need to and how to! And, trust me you’ ll love them as much as we do 

Now let’s just dive right into the good stuff, shall we?

What are exactly Pinterest Rich Pins?

Rich Pins are a type of organic Pins. They show more information than regular Pins do. They help to sync information from your website to your Pin and provide a more enriching experience for Pinners. All this extra information makes Pins more engagin and attractive and it  helps your Pin to stand out of the crowd! There are four types of Rich Pins: Articles,Products, Recipes and Apps.

They all look a bit different and give a little more information about what the pin is about

To be more specific, this is how Pinterest describes them:

“Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe and article.”

What do they look like and how do I recognize them?

You can easily tell a Pin is a Rich Pin when you see extra information about the Pin. Let’s see the anatomy of each type of Rich Pin, 

Article Pins

 It gives a snippet of the article, it shows relevant information of the article such as the publish date. Sometimes the author’s name, headline and description. 

Pinterest Article Pin Screen Capture


Product Pins

When you see a Product Pin you know it is one because essentially you’ll see the price on it, but it also offers other information such as the availability and where to buy that product and the bottom so pinners can click through and purchase that item. However, there’s another type of product pins which are only available for Verified Merchants on the platform. How does it work? Pinterest wants to make sure that you are a real human selling actual products with actual shipping and return policies so Pins from Verified Merchants naturally rank higher on Pinterest than any other product pin. But don’t worry, we know the Verified Merchant Program is a whole other topic so we’ll walk you through what you need to keep in mind in order to apply to it in another post!

Pinterest Product Pin Screen Capture


Recipe Pins

A food recipe pin is going to look like this one. Beyond just sharing the title of the recipe, they help the user find out the ingredients or the cooking time without navigating away from the app

Pinterest Recipe Pin Screen Capture


As you see, the follow button of course and what’s important to tell this is a Rich Pin or not… you’ll see the ingredient list on the bottom of it. It also shows a little bit information that comes from the blog post 

Why do I need them? 

Well, you are just starting on Pinterest or you might already have your brand on this platform so probably now your goals are driving more traffic and building presence there, right? Well, in that case don’t sleep on Rich Pins!!, there’s no reason you shoulnt use them. They give your Pinners a better experience. Because of all this extra information Rich Pins offer,  they help your audience to make better decisions on how to interact with your content. Whether Pinners may be looking for a healthy 15 minute spinach pasta recipe or style inspiration for their next purchase it will always be a more enriching experience for them to find what they are looking for on a Rich Pin.

To make it even simpler, think about them as ad copy for your post: whenever you make changes on your website, all the information will automatically be reflected up to date on each one of your Pinterest Rich Pin and this is really great news if you have things such as products that change with time so this will save you a lot of precious time! As Rich Pins allow you to add extra information on your pins you can add more keywords which means greater reach afterwards. It will help your brand stand out and build authority and trust in your community but also stay relevant with the latest trends on Pinterest.

How can I get Rich Pins?

So, first of all, Rich Pins are perks that only Business Pinterest Accounts have so if you want to have access to them and you haven’t done that already make sure to apply for that and set up one or even switch up to a Business Pinterest Account following this instructive if you already have a personal Pinterest account 

If you want to learn more about Pinterest for Business go check → Pinterest for Business 101 – Why Pinterest is the key to grow your business and how to get started from scratch

Now, to get Rich Pins is as simple as an A B C step. Follow these next instructions and get it done!

A) Add the metadata to your website 

You must have claimed the website you want to link to your Pinterest account and you want to apply to your Rich Pins before setting them up.

Now, the easiest way to set up Rich Pins for WordPress is to use Yoast which is completely free. If you don’t have it , head to Your WordPress dashboard and install the Yoast SEO plugin. It’s pretty simple: head on over to the back of your wordpress and go to the Plugins section on the menu, add the new plugin and activate it.

Yoast Plugin

Then set up Yoast to make sure you’re including all the links to each one of your social media platforms when prompted. Once you’ve configured Yoast, under the SEO section on the menu, you want to hit the SOCIAL tab. 

Yoast Plugin

Go on over to the Facebook tab. Now in order to allow this process to work, make sure the graph meta data is set to ENABLED and after all that just save changes and we’re done with this! 

So, this set up allows Pinterest to read the metadata when it’s going to be checking to validate your site.

B) Validate website and Apply for Rich Pins

Step 2 is to apply for Rich Pins so head over to the Rich Pins validator now that your website already has all the info for Rich Pins. Basically you need to  apply so Pinterest is going to check everything is set up correctly.  Scroll down and add a URL to one of your blog posts in the validator box, then hit validate. 

Simply pick any page from your website paste and hit validate! See? easy as a cake

Once you’ve done that you’ll get the green check mark that confirms your Rich Pins have been approved. After that you just need to hit the “Apply” button below the green check mark.

Now be patient because sometimes it can take a while for Pinterest to verify that everything’s good and for your pins to start showing up as Rich Pins but once you’ve been approved all of your pins that are linked to your site will be shown as Rich Pins whether they are past rich pins or new ones.

C) Edit and create captivating descriptions 

So if you think you need to edit the info your Rich Pins show, keep in mind that it is controlled by the copy you write for your meta description for each of your posts. So go to the editor of your blog posts and scroll down to the Yoast SEO tab. Go to the meta description section, anything you add there is what Pinterest will pull for your Rich Pins descriptions. If you leave the meta description blank your Rich Pins will only show the first lines of your article so any information or keywords you think are important to your Rich Pins must be added in that box.
Well, this was a lot of helpful information, and now you are a pro on Rich Pins and the impact they hav we hope you have decided to include them on your Pinterest Marketing Strategy! Don’t forget we help content creators, business and entrepreneurs stand out on Pinterest so if that’s a goal you are aiming to you should go check out our services and get started!

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